Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

development of nanotechnologies


Today's technology development had an incredible impact, because it's developed countries vying to allocate funds to invest in developing a mini-sized material technology which is called nanotechnology.

As the name implies, nanotechnology is the science of technology to the nanometer scale. Nanotechnology is the technology of the future. This is evidenced by the existence of nanotechnology, all human needs can be resolved. A number of important breakthroughs occurred in nanotechnology. This development is found and used in product applications around the world throughout the present century.

Some examples are catalytic converters in cars to help move water impurities, in a computer tool that serves to read and record the hard-disk component, certain sunscreens, cosmetics that may block harmful radiation from the sun, wear a special coat for the sports that can improve performen athletes. However, many scientists, engineers, and technologists believe that they are only utilizing a portion of the surface potential of nanotechnology.

Using assembler-assembler level following the initial building blocks of atoms, assembler-assembler on the size of the larger built. At this size, the building blocks of molecules.
Then the assembler bigger built, and so on until the regular-sized products of macro can be made. The difference with the conventional method is, the product is more robust molecular nanotechnology, the process is energy efficient and precision to the atomic level. To simplify the process, the initial level assembler assembler-equipped with self-replication capabilities (self-replication).

For me, nanotechnology must be developed to match the age that is more advanced.
Especially for Indonesia are still many people who do not know tek nology.

Nano-technology is the manufacture and use of materials or devices at extremely small sizes.
Nano technology is currently at the infancy, and no one can accurately predict what will result from full development of this field in the decades ahead.
Until now, nanotechnology has been applied in various fields. Starting from the medical field, automotive, cosmetics, computers, food industry, military, textile, fiber optic olahragasampai.
Nanotechnology is already being felt its benefits in everyday life. Nanotechnology is also very involved in the IT (Information Technology)